Rob grew up in Bayside Queens in the home where his 92-year-old mother is still living.  She is a Holocaust survivor and accomplished artist who exhibited her paintings at the Smithsonian Institute.  She was a high school art teacher who is still loved by many of her students. She is a role model who taught Rob the importance of treating people from all backgrounds with compassion and fairness; to be strong in the face of adversity; to fighting injustice, racism and bigotry; and, to love nature, especially dogs, cats, and birds.

Rob’s father was a World War II veteran.  He served in the occupying forces in Japan. After the war, he went to college and law school on the GI Bill.  He had a successful law practice in Queens. He was an inspiration for Rob to work hard and become a lawyer. He also instilled in Rob an appreciation of the sacrifices that veterans make for our country and the importance of taking care of the people who serve us.

Robert is committed to working hard and doing good.  He was a Big Brother Volunteer when he was a student at Bayside High School and SUNY Albany.  While majoring in Political Science at Albany, he worked as a legislative intern for State Senator Nicholas Ferraro and helped draft legislation to protect children and workers.  While attending SUNY Albany, he worked full time as a childcare worker and unit director at St. Catherine’s Center for Children. At Columbia University School of Social Work, he concentrated on working with families and children.  While working full time as a clinical social worker at Westchester Jewish Community services, he went to Pace University Law School at night where he graduated with honors. In summers between his years at law school, he interned for the Honorable Louis Barone at the Yonkers Family Court. 

Rob and his wife Maureen moved to North Salem in 2012.  They love their home and community. They are members of the North Salem Open Land Foundation and part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.  They keep a small plot in their yard for milkweed plants for monarch caterpillars and butterflies.  They are members of the Hawthorne Lake Homeowners Association. They regularly participate in lake and beach cleanups.  They canoe and swim in the lake, ice skate on the lake, and cross country ski at the Baxter Preserve. They are avid hikers and enjoy the incredible views from Lookout Point at Mountain Lakes Park.  They also enjoy an early morning bike ride around the reservoir.

Rob has twin sons who just turned 30.  His sons, nieces, and nephews are actively involved in his campaign for Town Justice.  They helped design and edit his website and they give him great advice about what young adults are concerned about.   

 One of Rob’s sons had leukemia when he was 14 years old.  For years Rob has contributed to organizations that support cancer care and research.  This year he led Team North Salem in Swim Across America at the Lakeside Field Club. The teams that participated in this event raised almost $10,000.00.