Meet Robert Leder

Rob has been practicing law for more than 30 years.  He has represented thousands of adults and children in Family Court and served as the President of the Bronx Family Court Bar Association for two terms. He taught continuing legal education classes on evidence and litigation.  Rob attended Pace University Law School in White Plains where he made the Dean’s List and was a Ranking Scholar. 

Rob graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work with a Masters Degree in Social Work.  He is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 10 years of experience working at Westchester Jewish Community Services and Yonkers Family Services.  

Rob worked and trained extensively at mediation as an alternative to litigation.  He was also a small claims arbitrator in Bronx Supreme Court. 

On the undergraduate level, he majored in political science at SUNY Albany and interned with State Senator Nicholas Ferraro where he helped draft legislation to protect children and workers. Rob also worked as a unit supervisor at St. Catherine’s Center for Children in Albany, New York.

As Town Justice, Rob will uphold the laws of the state and country, and protect our families and community.  He pledges to treat all litigants fairly and with respect.